Taking Action on Environmental Issues

Crown's environmental sustainability commitment focuses on three key pillars - Energy, Water and Life-cycle management. Our plan is to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment by implementing water conservation initiatives, waste reduction programs and energy efficiency projects that make real and lasting contributions.


We are committed to making meaningful contributions toward reducing our environmental impact by pursuing sustainable energy, water procurement and waste practices in all of our operations. This commitment is important to the way we do business. Our commitment is consistent with our objective of creating memorable customer experiences and enhancing shareholder value.

Taking Action on Energy and Emissions

We acknowledge that climate change is already having devastating impacts in countries around the globe and urgent action is required. Crown embraces its responsibility to the environment and recognises the unique contribution Crown can make to a sustainable future. We achieve this through minimising our environmental footprint through sustainable management of resources including energy, water and materials.

  • Over the past four years Crown Melbourne has undertaken a complex-wide energy efficiency upgrade project that has reduced total GHG emissions by 26,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide (16.8%), GHG intensity by 28.9% per $EBITDA and 17.8% per metre squared. This reduction is equivalent to powering 2,200 homes or taking 6,600 cars off the streets.
  • This project involved retrofitting 120,000 lamps and 1,200 sensors, optimising the IT system serving 3,500 workstationsm adopting energy efficient control strategies for 2,900 air handling units.
  • The installation of 13 KONE lifts has meant a total annual energy saving of over 1.2 million kWh equating to 1,500 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year.


Taking Action on Water Conservation

Excessive water consumption can lead to detrimental environmental impacts such as building more dams, maintenance of infrastructure, erosion, salinity, desertification, and degradation of water bodies. We consistently monitor and report on our water consumption across both properties to identify areas for improvement.

  • We have invested $1.4 million in water saving projects, resulting in annual savings of 80 million litres equivalent to filling 33 Olympic sized swimming pools every year.
  • Our water-recycling system generates 1.4 million litres of recycled water a year which is used for toilet flushing.
  • We recently expanded our rainwater harvesting system to a total capacity of 300,000 litres; these systems are estimated to save 6 million litres of drinking water each year.
  • We have also upgraded more than 500 shower heads, 400 taps and 140 toilets to make them more resource efficient.


Taking Action on Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management (LCM) enables us to manage the total life cycle of products and services. By working with suppliers to manage how products are made and distributed, employees and customers to manage how products are consumed and waste management contractors to manage how our products are disposed, we are able to create more sustainable production and consumption patterns.

  • We have a large number of dedicated recycling waste streams including soft plastic, green waste, polystyrene, e-waste, food, metal, fluorescent tubes, batteries, oil, mobile phones, wood, cigarettes and soap.
  • More than 60% of Crown waste never reaches landfill
  • We compost more than 100 tonnes of organic waste per month, equivalent to filling the MCG to a depth of two metres every year.
  • Every year, we recycle around 2 tonnes of fluorescent tubes, resulting in 3 tonnes to CO2- e savings and 8,000L of water savings per year.


Carbon Offset Program

Crown's vision for the environment is to provide a leadership role in sustainable business practices in the entertainment and hospitality industry. To this end, we have partnered with Climate Friendly to provide Crown customers the opportunity to offset their hotel, conference and event emissions, certified by Low Carbon Australia as meeting the requirements of the Carbon Neutral Program under the Australian Government National Carbon Offset Standard.

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